You may have seen doppelgängers of me, well at least my name. I’m the original el numero uno. Ming Mula “Golden Sensai”. Welcome to my Dojo. My little corner property in cyberspace. I plan to build us a cyber-empire here. With so internet Ninja style combat. I will kick some firewalls down, and make even more room for us. Yeas “us”. I created this space for my Dedicated subjects, friendly subscribers, loyal followers and even my creepy ass lurkers. This sacred space is entirely for “us”

I not only want to share my expertise on sex , fetish’s and their subcategories. I want to also be able to connect with you in a way that social media makes impossible these days. Here;I will share weekly blogs about my favorite fetish’s. Story times, about my crazy experimentations and (sex)capades . Newsletters about hot topics. Updates on my wild podcast. And escape plans to exhilarating experiences.

I will do all of this while listening, helping, controlling and sometimes getting off.

You will be my dedication. So subscribe, follow, call in, share,contribute, tribute.

Where you feel you fit in most. Join one of my exclusive clubs. Join me on webcam. Call the hotline, or send me some love. Whatever you do, as long as you follow the morals of the Dojo Kun (morals) you will be appreciated.

-Sensai Ming M.

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