“I don’t like gimmick writing so I won’t offer you any”

I don’t know if you’re handsome, sexy, funny, or cool. At least not yet and even if you are I’m not very much interested in that just yet. My only interest is your interest in me. Yes, your presence is about being my assets. In the past, i called my subs, “students”. Student is a quick-term for pre-approved. As an asset, your presence is invoked for the betterment of my existence. Here in 2022, my focus is on those loyal, deserving assets. Who prove themselves somewhat worthy of my attention. The only separation of discrimination is ‘Asset vs Liability”. There are no excuses, there’s no room for failure. your only aspiration is to serve me and to serve me well. 

A master of resourcefulness: A bio you need.

As for myself and this glorious lifestyle, I’m not in character. If you were to review my lifes behaviors, relationships, and friendships. You will arrive at the conclusion that I’m undoubtedly in the right lifestyle. Some would describe me as mean and superior. Others will tell you I’m funny and charming, believe both narratives. As humans, we live in ambiguity. We desire decisiveness, very few of us accomplish it. I’m one of the few who’ve reached resolution nirvana. As a leader, it is my duty to expand wherever I am. To know what i desire and the right time to have it. My superpower is not only perseverance but also intuitive emotional intelligence. My secret to perfect control lies in my intuitive skillls. Emotional connection,

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